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Sample (a) is stainless steel tubing, .040 inch wall by 1.00 inch O.D., welded to .040 inch stainless steel sheet. Shift levers for automatic transmissions (b) are welded without flash or damage to the finish-ground shaft. Distributor cams and plates (c), both pre-hardened and finished, are welded without affecting finish or hardness. Steel tubing of any length may be welded to a sheet or plate; sample (d) illustrates such a joint with 3/4 inch O.D. tubing.
Example (e) shows a beaded 3/8 inch steel tube welded through an .040 plate simulating a fluid tank wall. A nut is welded to .032 vinyl-coated steel without damage to the textured surface (f). 1010 steel is welded over a hole in gray cast iron (g).

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AAM-Equipco - designers and builders of special resistance and fusion welding machines and systems; automated assembly, machining and robotic systems; and ULTRAPULSE welders. Specialties include robotic cells, brazing, arc welding, and laser systems.